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Narry being romantic on stage



Anonymous asked:
Most Narry is bottom!Niall like you can't NOT read it because there are so many well written fics out there. I was all for bottom!Harry before but now I'm leaning towards the reverse.

niallharold answered:

'most narry is bottom!niall' that is by far the most incorrect statement i've ever heard. most of the good, well written fics i've read have been bottom!harry.

i never said i DON’T read bottom!niall, i do, but i don’t get as much enjoyment out of it as i do bottom!harry when it’s narry.

with the two other niall pairings that matter (zayn and liam) i 100% see him as a bottom and get a lot of enjoyment out of reading them. but it doesn’t mean i don’t read it when it’s reversed.

hey man all the power to you. you like what you like, and i’ll like what i like. these are fictional versions of people anyway, who cares.

50 days of Niall and Harry [4/50]

50 days of Niall and Harry [4/50]

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ohmygod they look like they’re at school and they’re classmates and not really paying attention to what the teacher is saying grjwhugwigh

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